Run From Popo Tournament Rules


Run From Popo is a documentary game show aimed at displaying the pros and cons of law enforcement in communities across the United States.  We interview average people that feel they have been wrongfully arrested.  The best video/stories will be entered into our Run From Popo Tournament.  We then interview Police, Military, and Security Guards to get both sides of the story.  The best stories/video will be entered into our  tournament.   The top scoring runner and the top scoring Popo will each receive a $1000 prize.

The Run From Popo tournament is a simulated street chase where contestants will see what would happen if they did run.  The runner must have a record and the Popo must have been a real law enforcer.

Runners will earn points by collecting food off the course and getting the food into the runner safe zone; heavier food is worth more points, and if the runner stays in the safe zone over ten seconds he/she will be awarded an additional 50 points for a clean get away.   The top scoring runner’s will advance to the next round and there are three rounds.  The supreme runner will receive a 1 thousand dollar prize.

Popo contestants are strapped with a paintball gun, baseball bat, and the ability to tackle the runner at will.  Each paintball hit is worth 10 points, each bat hit is another 10 points,  if the runner is tackled, the popo will earn an additional 50 points and the round is over.   The top scoring popo will advance the next round and the supreme popo will receive a 1 thousand dollar prize.

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